GALLON DESIGN focuses on design practice and ranging over a variety of medium:branding, editorial design, typography, motion graphic, UIUX design.

Runing by Jialun Wang.
 IG: @gallondesign
 Based in Bos and NY.





Designed by Jialun Wang and Hongjie Chen, 至/Zhi emerges as a real-time, online virtual world that weaves an unending expedition, seamlessly transitioning from embarkation to departure. The essence of "至/Zhi," a Chinese character denoting "to arrive," encapsulates our modern state of ceaseless movement across geographical realms and life statuses—a perpetual wanderer within the digital anthropocene's fabric. 至/Zhi revives the subtle contours of personal evolution through the designers' own narratives, presenting a milieu of symbolic metaphors that beckons participants to introspect their unique journeys and engage in shared interaction.

The artists' talk is scheduled for September 22, 2023, at 8:30 PM (GMT).

For desktop entry:

For VR entry, please download at